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GENESTRA Mag Cal Plus (90 tabs)

GENESTRA Mag Cal Plus (90 tabs)

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  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function
  • Magnesium and calcium plus vitamins and valerian root
  • Helps Prevent Degenerative Bone Diseases
  • With Vitamin D For Maximum Absorption
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Description

    Genestra - Mag Cal Plus - 90 Tablet(s) - NPN: 80034964 -- Mag Cal Formula Plus from Genestra contains an ideal 3:2 ratio of bone supporting Calcium and Magnesium along with Vitamin D for maximum absorption. The PLUS is the addition of B Vitamins and Valerian. Calcium & Magnesium are powerful minerals, primarily known for their contribution to bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. B vitamins help to maintain healthy skin & muscle tone, enhance your immune & valerian helps to relax and sleep. 100% vegetable source Mag Cal Plus is Ideal for vegans

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Calcium100 mg
    • Magnesium150 mg
    • Niacinamide6 mg
    • Valerian30 mg
    • Vitamin B63 mg
    • Vitamin D3 mcg
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Croscarmellose Sodium
    • Glycerin
    • Hypromellose
    • Magnesium Stearate
    • Microcrystalline cellulose
    • Silica
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