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NOW Wintergreen Oil (30 ml)

NOW Wintergreen Oil (30 ml)

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  • Stimulating, Refreshing, Uplifting
  • Can Be Used In A Cold Compress For Headaches
  • Provides relief to aches and pains of ailments like arthritis
  • Mixes Well With Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tangerine Oil
  • Description

    NOW - Wintergreen Oil - 30 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- Native to North America, where this minty-sweet plant grows wild, Wintergreen has been used for centuries by the Native Americans who used to chew the leaves to aid in respiratory function. Often found in toothpastes, chewing gum and candy, Wintergreen has a refreshing and uplifting flavour. In aromatherapy it is commonly used in rubs for arthritis, rheumatism and mild aches and pains. Wintergreen mixes particularly nicely with Oregano, peppermint or spearmint

    INGREDIENTS100% Pure Wintergreen Oil (steam distilled from the leaves)
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